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Alessandro Nicoletti
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Francesco Menghini 


Men of the Forest shows the orangutan's crisis that is happening before our very eyes now.

In order to make the film, we will follow a dedicated group of locals who risk their own lives daily while protecting the Indonesian forest and their wildlife.

They have founded a local NGO to ensure that oranguntans are rescued and to fight against habitat loss, bush fires, illegal pet trade and much more.

Their goal is to create a sustainable situation between wildlife, and local communities and in order to protect wildlife, a wide range of effective programmes such as habitat reconstruction and local community education are being implemented.


Last year, in 2016, Alessandro Nicoletti called his friend and colleague Francesco Menghini, putting forward an interesting challenge: to increase public awareness about the deforestation in Indonesia.

Forests are disappearing at unpredictable rate, we are running out of time to help them. Together with forest, we are losing key species like orangutans and many others which will never recover if they are not saved from extinction.

This awareness led us to a touching trip through the islands of Borneo and Sumatra where we could witness and learn more about this thorny issue.

During this trip we found a group of devoted people who risk their own life to save the forest.

We decided in less than a second that our job must be to help them by telling their story and spreading their message across the world. At that moment, Men of the Forest was born.

Francesco had already shot several inspirational movies, he knows very well how to turn an idea into a story and that is exactly what we will do. After a Kickstarter campaign on November, we will travel back to Indonesia to continue with our project, following our Indonesian friends while they do their daily job to help people and wildlife.

Saving Indonesian forests is something that should involve not only Indonesia but the whole planet.

Climate is related to forests in the entire world. Reducing emissions is not enough to save the planet. We must look at the whole picture and find a global solution to fight environmental problems.


The name orangutans means “person of the forest” in the Malay language. We have chosen this name for our film because we want to dedicate it to our “cousins” of the forest.

When you cannot be bothered with some life issues, it’s easier to ignore them and go on with your life. Well, let’s be honest, this behaviour is going to make you feel even worse.

That is exactly how I felt the first time I looked into the eyes of an orangutan in Sumatra, while his keeper was explaining to me the dreadful situation that orangutans were facing at that moment. That was 5 years ago.

Just a few decades ago, orangutans were distributed widely across Southeast Asia, as far north as southern China, and as far south as the Indonesian island of Java. However, in a at steadily rate, orangutans have experienced a continuous decrease in their habitat, not only due to climate change but also to human activity.

At the beginning of the last century, the only habitat left for orangutans were the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Unfortunately, disaster was still to come.

Only 50 years ago, Borneo and Sumatra were completely covered with rainforest, offering a huge habitat to the orangutans. Nowadays, the situation is dramatic because of rapid conversion of rainforest into palm oil cultivation, mining exploitation, intensive farming and heavy duty industry are constantly growing.

Out of the extant population of 1900, now only 7% of Sumatran orangutans and 14% of Bornean orangutans still remain alive.

The fact is that habitat destruction is still going on due to the unprecedented palm oil demand from all over the world.

With the movie, we would like to promote awareness of the orangutans crisis. They share 97% of our DNA, they are evolved animals who deserve to live in the wild, but we are destroying it. We want to stop it!!!!

Help us to raise awareness, take action now!!

Alessandro Nicoletti

Alessandro Nicoletti is a biologist and an Italian activist, currently working on environmental journalism projects, blogging activities and social media.

Graduated in Master Class of Marine Biology, he spent years travelling and working for different NGOs related to every aspect of conservation.

Alessandro holds a degree in Marine Biology and for many years he has travelled the world, helping some NGO’s team members with conservation projects.

In 2017 he decided to found his own association, Keep the Planet, an Italian environmental NGO which fight to raise awareness of conservation around the world.

Alessandro first travelled to Indonesia in 2012 where for the first time he visited an orangutans rehabilitation centre and discovered the orangutans crisis.

Since then, he has travelled regularly to Indonesia to help orangutans in the field. He took part in different environmental projects whose main aim was the same one: the reforestation of damaged areas all across Indonesia.

He also worked for ecosystem rehabilitation project in Zanzibar, as well as in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

He is the one who had the bright idea of carrying out the project "Men of the Forest", a conservation movie with the aim of reaching everyone around the world and raising awareness of the serious problem of Indonesian deforestation.

If you are interested in contacting Alessandro and would like to arrange a phone interview, please do not hesitate email him at:

Francesco Menghini

Francesco is a television and cinema director who has developed his professional skills in a wide range of jobs. Producing documentaries, advertisements, videoclips and backstage interviews alongside with some works as a camera operator.

He is also a producer. He has worked on both live and recorded programmes. He managed the start-up of a new television channel in Albania and developed production and editorial guidelines.

In addition to working in Italy for the largest television channels (Rai, Rai International, Mediaset, La7) he has worked in Albania, Spain, and Brazil for mainstream channels.

He has always ensured that he is at the leading edge of TV producing and directing, using a wide range of technical skills.

In 2012 he founded Soul Crime Production with who he produced and directed two award-winning documentaries.

Francesco currently works in Italy and he founded a new project as webmarketer called "Madre in Italy", a platform that connects Italians abroad.

For further details about the filming section, please email him at:

Fabrizio Carchiolo

Fabrizio is an award-winning freelance editor and live director with over 20 years of experience in film and television industry, with broad experience, in a wide range of fields such as commercials, corporates, music videos, promos, broadcast design, documentaries and features.

Among his wide working experience, he has accomplished several campaigns for different brands and tv channels. He has also filmed some documentaries and he has organised few different sports events such as Superbike or REDBULL .

As a producer – editor, he has worked for many well- known international broadcasting companies such as Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Cult Network and Sky thanks to his post production “Frongandroll”.